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For Workplace by Facebook and Yammer

Beautifully Display Your Network for Your Next Event

Proudly and securely showcase your organization's ideas for important meetings, in your hallways, and at your live events.

And with nothing to download, you're just seconds away from making your next event, your best event.

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36.5 Seconds Flat.

In the time it takes to tie your shoes, you'll hit the ground running with Feedfall for your enterprise social network. We counted.


Amplify Your Voice.

With Feedfall, you’ll finally unlock the true potential of groups, and the power of hashtags. And that’s all before lunchtime.


Hands-Free Maintenance.

No patches. No updates. No certificates. Feedfall has nothing to get in your way. Simply enjoy.


1,600+ Organizations. Every Industry.
51 Countries and Counting.

Smart people and departments all over the globe are using Feedfall to visualize their content in real-time.

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Art for Your Walls. And Halls.

With smooth animations and captivating beauty, Feedfall has been smartly redesigned from the ground up to make your social feed look, and feel, its best.

You won’t want to take your eyes off it.

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Any Screen. Size. Or Spot.

Confidently project or mirror to any display or TV, and know your feed will be perfectly proportioned at any resolution.

No other tool measures up.

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Mind Reading Superpowers.

Be smart and get the most out of your networks by joining other organizations who are already getting insights on sentiment, popular phrases, security risks, and more.

Be the first to know.

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Truly and Simply Free.

Feedfall is free to everyone and anyone. That means less time requesting funding, or filling out clunky expense reports, and more time for you. Easy.

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Secure. Down to the Wire.

Now powered by Wiretap, you’ll be joining other organizations who have already embraced the next generation of safe enterprise collaboration.

Feel secure now more than ever.

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Workplace and Yammer.
With Even More to Come.

Increase adoption of your collaboration tool of choice. And with no licenses to worry about, any group in your organization can use Feedfall — no seat limits.

Plus, new platform integrations are in the works.

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